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Medical Response Systems in Saskatoon

Remain Independent, Not Alone

Mediguard is a personal emergency response system that is available exclusively through Sentinel Mediguard Systems Ltd. of Saskatoon. We are the emergency response professionals! Within seconds of pushing the button, you'll be in two way voice contact with trained operators who will summon the appropriate assistance. Whether it's a true emergency or merely the need for a neighbor's helping hand, we are here for you.

This device secures your well-being and allows you to maintain your independence at home. Sentinel Mediguard Systems Ltd. is dedicated to making sure each patient is comfortable and equipped with the easy access of professional, medical attention if need be. Mediguard comes with a tabletop console as well as a lightweight, portable call button that can be worn on the wrist or around the neck. With Mediguard, assistance is at your fingertips all day, night, and even in the shower! The best yet, if you move or leave your home for extended periods, Mediguard moves with you.

Learn how hundreds of individuals just like you across the province are remaining independent in their own homes! If you would like complete information, please give us a call at Sentinel Mediguard Systems Ltd. and we will be happy to discuss the details with you.

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